User agreement

Thank you for using our products and services (hereinafter referred to as "services").AnyBooks has always been committed to establishing a fair, open and impartial platform. As a neutral platform service provider, AnyBooks provides services including but not limited to the website at and an app named AnyBooks on mobile terminals.Please read this agreement carefully. By using our services, you agree to these terms.We offer a wide range of services, so sometimes additional terms or product requirements (including age requirements) apply. Additional terms and conditions will be provided in conjunction with the relevant services and will become part of the agreement reached between us after your use of these services.

1. Special notes

AnyBooks operator agrees to provide AnyBooks services to users in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the operating rules issued from time to time.In order to obtain the AnyBooks service, users of the AnyBooks service (hereinafter referred to as "users") shall, on the basis of careful reading and independent thinking, carefully read all the terms of this disclaimer (especially the terms in bold to remind users to pay attention to) and minors shall be accompanied by their legal guardians.By logging in (or actually using the AnyBooks service), the user means that the user fully accepts this disclaimer and the guidelines for AnyBooks infringement appeal as well as the rules and regulations published by the AnyBooks operator.If the user has any objection to any part of this disclaimer, the login procedure (or the use of AnyBooks service) shall be terminated.

After the user confirms and logs in successfully, the AnyBooks operator will open the AnyBooks service for the user based on the objective need of using the AnyBooks service and the account provided in accordance with the registration requirements when applying for and registering the AnyBooks service. The user has the right to use the AnyBooks service on the basis of the AnyBooks operator's opening and agreeing to provide the service to the user.Meanwhile, the user agrees that:

1.2.1 users shall properly keep AnyBooks account number and password.

1.2.2 without the consent of the AnyBooks operator, users shall not buy, sell, transfer or rent any AnyBooks account or AnyBooks nickname.

1.2.3 in the process of using the AnyBooks service, users shall bear full responsibility for their own use of the AnyBooks service, any information released and published by users through the AnyBooks service, and any consequences arising therefrom.

In the process of using the AnyBooks service, users shall have legal rights and bear corresponding legal responsibilities for their own use of the AnyBooks service and any information released or disclosed through the AnyBooks service.Meanwhile, the user agrees that:

1.3.1 the AnyBooks operator has the right to use the AnyBooks content (AnyBooks content refers to the information published by the user on AnyBooks, such as text, picture, video, audio, etc.).

1.3.2 without the prior written permission of the AnyBooks operator, users shall not, on their own, authorize or assist any third party to illegally capture the AnyBooks content. "illegal capture" refers to the act of obtaining the content data through programs or abnormal browsing and other technical means.

Users should strictly abide by the Robots protocol published by the AnyBooks operator when using the AnyBooks service.
Without the prior written consent of the AnyBooks operator, no user shall, by itself or by any third party, access the AnyBooks platform or collect any AnyBooks content in any way that violates the above provisions.

To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, the user agrees and authorizes the operator of AnyBooks to take any form of legal action (including but not limited to unauthorized copying, use, editing, plagiarism, etc.) against the lawful rights and interests of the user, including but not limited to complaints, lawsuits and other necessary rights and interests protection measures.

AnyBooks operator has the right to directly entrust its affiliates or other third party companies to operate, manage and perform the services or rights and obligations hereunder. AnyBooks operator does not need to obtain additional authorization from users.AnyBooks operator will do its best to avoid the inconvenience caused by the aforementioned entrustment or change to users' use of AnyBooks service. AnyBooks operator will try to timely notify users through website, platform, In-app-message, email and other means.In this agreement, an affiliate is any enterprise that controls a party, or is controlled by a party, or is controlled by the same entity with a party. Control means direct or indirect ownership of more than 50% (50%) of the equity, voting rights or management rights of the enterprise.

In order to improve users' experience and satisfaction with AnyBooks service, users agree that AnyBooks operator can conduct investigation, research and analysis of user data to further optimize AnyBooks service.

2. Service contents

The specific content of the AnyBooks service shall be provided by the AnyBooks operator according to the actual situation, including but not limited to users' use of the AnyBooks service to publish opinions, comments, pictures, video, forwarding links, etc. The AnyBooks operator has the right to upgrade or make other adjustments to the service or product form it provides, and will update the page/inform the user in a timely manner.

Part of the AnyBooks service provided by the AnyBooks operator. If the service is a paid network service, the user shall pay a certain fee to the AnyBooks operator for using the paid network service.For the charged network service, the AnyBooks operator will give the user a clear reminder before the user uses it. Only when the user confirms that he/she is willing to pay relevant fees according to the reminder, can the user use such charged network service.If the user refuses to pay the relevant fees, the operator of AnyBooks has the right not to provide such charging network services to the user.

Users understand, AnyBooks operators only provide technical services associated with AnyBooks service, in addition to equipment related to the related network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other associated with access to the Internet or mobile device) and the required fees (such as pay for access to the Internet and telephone and Internet access, for the use of mobile network and mobile phone fee paid) should be borne by the user themselves.

3. Service change, interruption or termination

In view of the particularity of network services (including but not limited to the stability of the server problems, malicious attacks and other behaviors such as AnyBooks operator cannot control), the user agrees to AnyBooks operators shall have the right to interrupt at any time or end part or all of the AnyBooks service (including charged network service). In case of such situation, AnyBooks operations will be as far as possible in a timely manner via the web announcement, system notifications, In-App-message, SMS alerts or other reasonable methods to notify the affected user.The platform shall not be liable for any loss caused by business adjustment. The user understands and agrees that the XXX service shall only be provided in accordance with its current situation. The platform shall not be liable for any limitation, deletion, transmission error, storage error or any other problem of any user communication or personalization Settings.

Users understand, AnyBooks operators need to periodically or aperiodically maintenance/repair the platform for AnyBooks service (such as the Internet web site, application, etc.) or related equipment, such as so situation and disrupted services in a reasonable time, AnyBooks operators need not take any responsibility for this, but AnyBooks operators should be notice in advance as much as possible.

In the event of any of the following circumstances, AnyBooks operator has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of AnyBooks services (including paid services and free services) to users at any time without any liability to users or any third party, and the losses caused thereby shall be borne by users independently:

3.3.1 the personal data provided by the user is not true;

3.3.2 user violates national policies of laws and regulations or rules of use stipulated in this agreement;

3.3.3 the user fails to pay the relevant service fee for the paid service when using the paid service;

3.3.4 users' infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of individuals, enterprises, institutions or social organizations, including but not limited to patent right, copyright, trademark right, or the right of a personal name or title, reputation right, honor right, portrait right, privacy right, etc.;  

3.3.5 the user damages in any way the goodwill or reputation and other legitimate rights and interests of the AnyBooks operator and its affiliates;

3.3.6 the AnyBooks operator has other reasonable reasons to believe that it is necessary to interrupt or terminate the provision of AnyBooks services to users.

If the user does not actually use the AnyBooks service within any consecutive 90 days after applying for opening the service, the AnyBooks operator has the right to choose any of the following ways to handle the problem within the scope permitted by laws and regulations:

3.4.1 recycle user nicknames;

3.4.2 recycle user accounts;

3.4.3 stop providing AnyBooks service for this user.

4. Rules of use

Users who register AnyBooks account to produce, publish and disseminate information shall use real identity information and personal data, and shall not register with false or falsely used resident identity information and enterprise related information;If there is any change in the user's personal information, the user should update it in time.
Without the authorization of relevant right holders, users shall not register AnyBooks account in the name of others or other organizations, nor shall they use misleading information to register AnyBooks account, including but not limited to the name, profile picture or introduction that makes people think that this account is associated with other individuals or organizations.

The user understands and agrees that the following information cannot be changed once it is submitted and confirmed by the user, and the user shall be solely liable for losses and consequences caused by content defects (including but not limited to errors, incompleteness and dissatisfaction) :

4.2.2 account information that cannot be modified after confirmation as stipulated by AnyBooks operator.

AnyBooks operator will establish and improve the user information security management system and implement technical security prevention and control measures.The AnyBooks operator will protect the privacy of users involved in the process of using the AnyBooks service.

For AnyBooks contents published or stored by users in AnyBooks, AnyBooks operator suggests that users should make regular/irregular backup by themselves.The user understands and agrees that the AnyBooks operator shall not be able to return or provide any data to the user if the user voluntarily ceases to use the AnyBooks service or the AnyBooks service is terminated or canceled by using the logout function.The terms of user account cancellation are set forth in article 8 of this agreement.

In order to maintain the stable operation of AnyBooks platform and ensure the quality of user experience, without the prior written permission of AnyBooks operator, no one is allowed to automate or post spam information on AnyBooks platform.

4.4.1 automatic behavior means that without the consent of AnyBooks operator, users release AnyBooks by themselves or with authorization, assist a third party to use automatic means or significantly different from ordinary people, and far more frequently than normal users.


The user understands and agrees that the AnyBooks operator shall have the right to determine whether the behavior of the user account constitutes automatic behavior and whether the information released by the user account is junk information by means of detection and verification according to the technical rules and take relevant measures to deal with it.All data and information based on processing measures shall be subject to the background records of AnyBooks platform.

As the precondition of the existence of AnyBooks service is the account provided by the user in the process of applying for opening AnyBooks service, the user shall not transfer or lend his/her account and password to others.If a user finds that his/her account or AnyBooks service has been illegally used by others, he/she shall immediately notify AnyBooks operator.If the account number, password and AnyBooks service are illegally used by others due to hacking or the negligence of the user's custody and other reasons that are not the AnyBooks operator, the user shall bear the relevant responsibilities by himself.

User agrees to AnyBooks operators in the process of AnyBooks service in a variety of ways to launch a variety of commercial advertising or any other type of business information (including but not limited to any page of the website the AnyBooks platform advertising), and the user agrees to accept the AnyBooks operator, direct messages by email or other way send goods promotion to the user or other related business information.

In order to better promote information sharing and promotion, the user authorizes the AnyBooks operator to use the AnyBooks content on AnyBooks and its associated products and services, and to license the above content to a third party for the purpose of promotion.The aforesaid authorization granted by the user to the AnyBooks operator and its affiliates does not change the ownership and intellectual property rights of the content posted by the user, nor does it affect the user's exercise of his/her legal rights to the content posted.

Users shall speak in a civilized manner when using the AnyBooks service, and respect other users' personal rights such as the right of personality and the right of identity in accordance with the law, so as to jointly establish a harmonious, civilized and polite network social environment.

When using AnyBooks service, users must follow the following principles:

4.10.1 shall not violate local laws and regulations and relevant international treaties or rules;

4.10.2 shall not violate the network agreement, regulations, procedures and industry rules related to the network service and AnyBooks service;

4.10.3 shall not carry out any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile network;

4.10.4 shall not upload, display or disseminate any false, impostor, harassing, defamatory, offensive, abusive, threatening, racist, defamatory, defamatory, disclosure of privacy, malicious plagiarism, violence, blood, suicide, self-harm or any other illegal information;

4.10.5 it shall not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any individual, enterprise, institution or social organization, including but not limited to patent right, copyright, trademark right, or right of a personal name, right of title, reputation right, honor right, portrait right, privacy right, etc.;

4.10.6 shall not damage the image of local state organs and government in any way;

4.10.7 shall not in any way damage the goodwill or reputation and other legitimate rights and interests of AnyBooks operator and its affiliates;

4.10.8 party b shall not engage in any other behavior that affects the normal operation of the AnyBooks operator, damages the AnyBooks business model or is harmful to the AnyBooks ecology;

4.10.9 shall not use the AnyBooks service for any other illegal purpose.

For the use of certain AnyBooks service rules and instructions, AnyBooks operators by various means (including but not limited to web announcement, system notifications, In-App-message and SMS alerts, etc.) to make any statement, notification, warning, etc are considered to be part of this agreement, the user services, such as the use of the AnyBooks as users agree with the statement, the content of the notification, warning.

AnyBooks operators shall have the right to review, supervise and handle to the user's behavior and information of using AnyBooks services, including but not limited to user information (account information, personal information, etc.), release content (text, pictures, patents, publications, etc.), the user behavior (build relationships, to participate in activities, marketing information, to report complaints, etc.), etc.

If the user finds that other users upload illegal or infringing content during the process of using AnyBooks service, the user can report it according to the procedure of "AnyBooks guidelines for infringement complaints", and relevant personnel will verify and deal with it as soon as possible.In case of personal rights disputes involving right of a personal name, right of title, right of reputation, right of honor, right of portrait, right of privacy, etc., the user may handle such disputes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and with reference to the procedure of "guidelines for infringement complaints".

5. Intellectual property rights

The operator of AnyBooks is the owner of the ownership and intellectual property rights of the AnyBooks platform and AnyBooks products.

The aforesaid AnyBooks products refer to the functions, software and services provided to users by the AnyBooks operator, the affiliated company of the AnyBooks operator or its authorized subject through the AnyBooks platform, including but not limited to information release sharing, relationship chain expansion, convenient auxiliary tools, platform applications, public open platform and other functions.

The operator of AnyBooks is the owner of all information content and intellectual property rights of AnyBooks platform and AnyBooks products.The aforesaid information includes but is not limited to the program code, interface design, layout framework, data, account number, text, pictures, etc., except for the content which shall be enjoyed by the relevant right holder according to the provisions of laws and regulations.

In the process of using AnyBooks platform, it is possible for users to use the function, software or services which is developed by a third party and run by AnyBooks platform. Besides comply with the relevant provisions of this agreement, users shall abide by the third party rules, and respect for the holder of the third party to its function, software, services and its related rights contained in the content.

In view of the foregoing, user understands and agrees that:

5.5.1 without the consent of the AnyBooks operator and relevant right holders, users shall not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the above functions, software and services; At the same time, the aforesaid contents or materials shall not be directly or indirectly published, played, rewritten or redistributed for the purpose of playing or publishing, or used for any other purposes in any media;

5.5.2 on the premise of making reasonable commercial efforts, the AnyBooks operator shall not be liable to the user or any third party in any form for any delay, inaccuracy, error, omission or any damage caused by the above functions, software, services and the contents thereof;

5.5.3 the AnyBooks operator shall not make any warranty or joint commitment or guarantee for any functions, software, services or contents provided by any third party. Any dispute, dispute or damage arising therefrom shall be settled by the user and the third party. The AnyBooks operator shall not assume any responsibility;

5.5.4 in order to better maintain the AnyBooks ecology, the AnyBooks operator reserves the right to dispose of the products or contents entitled to the ownership and intellectual property rights of the AnyBooks operator at any time and in any way, including but not limited to the method of amendment, shielding, deletion or other disposal permitted by laws and regulations.

6. Users' personal information should be protected for privacy

Privacy information refers to the secrets that citizens do not want to disclose or know for others in their personal life. AnyBooks operator attaches great importance to the protection of users' privacy information. When you use our products and services, AnyBooks operator may collect and use your relevant information.AnyBooks operator hopes to explain to you the information that may be collected (including the way of collection), the purpose of collecting such information, and AnyBooks operator hopes to explain to you how to protect the safety of such information through this policy. Protecting personal information of users is a basic principle of AnyBooks operator. AnyBooks operator regards user information security and privacy protection as its "lifeline". We are committed to enhancing the transparency of information processing, enhancing the convenience of your information management, and ensuring the security of your information and communication. Strictly abide by laws and regulations, follow the following privacy protection principles, to provide you with more secure and reliable services.

6.2 you may need to fill in some necessary information when you register your account or use the service. According to the special provisions of national or regional laws and regulations, you may need to fill in the real identity information. If the true information you provide is incomplete, you may be restricted from using the service. In general, we only retain your personal information for the shortest time necessary for our purposes. When our products or services cease to operate, we will notify you in the form of, for example, notice or announcement, and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period of time.

6.3 in general, you may browse and modify the information submitted by yourself at any time, but for the sake of security and identification (such as number appeal service), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided at the time of registration.

6.4 without your approval, AnyBooks operators will not disclose your personal information to any other companies, organizations and individuals except the AnyBooks operators, and guarantee shall not made public or disclosed to third parties or provide user registration information and non-public content and information stored in the AnyBooks operator platform, server, or database by users, but except for the following situations:

6.4.1 obtain explicit authorization from users in advance;

6.4.2 in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;

6.4.3 in accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments and judicial organs;

6.4.4 to safeguard the interests of the public.

6.4.5 purposes reasonably necessary for the execution of the relevant service agreement or for the protection of the personal and property safety or other legitimate rights and interests of our customers, us or our affiliates, other users or employees.

6.5 if the user uses third-party services or equipment, the user's information may be disclosed to a third party in other ways. The user shall be aware of relevant provisions on the protection of the user's information by the third party, and the AnyBooks operator shall not bear any risks arising therefrom. The above situations include but are not limited to: users use third-party applications on mobile devices; Because the user information collected by the third-party application may be sent to a third party for processing.

7. Disclaimer

Users shall abide by the national laws, regulations and policies in the process of using AnyBooks service. Users shall bear the consequences of their behaviors arising from the use of AnyBooks service.

Any information posted by the user through the AnyBooks service and any views expressed through the AnyBooks service does not represent the position of AnyBooks and AnyBooks is not responsible for its integrity, authenticity, accuracy or reliability.Users shall make their own judgment on illegal, unethical, wrong or otherwise inappropriate information, and content that is wrongly classified or fraudulently posted that they may come into contact with on AnyBooks.In any case, any loss or injury caused by the aforesaid improper information shall be solely borne by the relevant subject.

AnyBooks operator will not assume any responsibility for the interruption of AnyBooks service or other defects caused by force majeure or causes beyond the control of AnyBooks operator, but will try its best to reduce the loss and influence caused to users.

The AnyBooks operator shall be liable for the AnyBooks products and services it provides to users in accordance with the law, except otherwise provided by law or otherwise agreed.

User acknowledges and agrees that AnyBooks operators may cooperation to provide customers with products with a third party (including but not limited to game, third party applications, etc.) and is provided by the third direction the user of the product upgrading, maintenance, customer service and other follow-up work, by a third party, such as the quality problem for this product or its causes all disputes or user loss responsibility, the user in the agreed to claim to the third party and all rights related to this loss.

Unless otherwise agreed, AnyBooks operators to provide products or services (including but not limited to game items and props), such as no package, or the date indicated for the duration of use of "permanent", "indefinite", or "unlimited" is the term of use for the user to begin using the product or service to the product or service in the end of the AnyBooks offline.

8. Account cancellation

Before you log off your [AnyBooks] account, please fully read, understand and agree to the following:

8.1  Premises and instructions of cancellation

8.1.1 the [AnyBooks] account you apply for cancellation shall be the account registered by you in accordance with this agreement and provided to you by the company.You should log out [AnyBooks] account according to the procedures specified by the company or the tips on the website.

8.1.2 [AnyBooks] account cancellation will cause the company terminates the service provided to you, and the rights and obligations of both parties agreed herein shall terminate (except those which shall not be terminated according to other provisions hereof or which cannot be terminated according to its nature), and may result in the following consequences for the account:

(1) any exchange code (including but not limited to book coupons, gift coupons, points or coupons, etc.) will be invalid;

(2) any bank card will not be applicable to the account of the payment or withdrawal services.

8.1.3 the account you apply for cancellation shall be your AnyBooks exclusive account, and the account you log in through any other third-party channels (including but not limited to Google, Facebook and other third-party accounts) shall be canceled according to relevant provisions of third-party accounts.

8.1.4 the AnyBooks account you apply for cancellation shall be in the following state:

(1) Your account information and user information is up-to-date, complete and correct, and the account is in a state that can use all the service functions.Account information or user information outdated, missing, incorrect account or frozen account can not be applied for cancellation.

(2) Your account must be in a safe state, that is, your account has not been the last 15 days to change the password, change binding and other sensitive operations, the account is not stolen by others, the account is not closed and other risks.

(3) all properties in your account have been settled, and there is no relevant property that has been charged and not consumed in your account;There are no outstanding orders in your account.

(4) your account does not bind "author" relevant information.That is, you do not apply to be an author with your account number, or there is no information about the stored works under your account number.

8.1.5 in particular, if your AnyBooks account has not had any account operation or fund change within 2 consecutive years;Or you are using our services in the process of fraud, infringe others' legitimate rights and interests, or other serious violation of the rules of any agreement, other cancellation conditions and meet the provisions of this agreement, the company shall have the right in accordance with the provisions of this agreement or the relevant national laws and regulations for positive for cancellation, the resulting consequences are to be borne by you.

8.1.6 the AnyBooks account you apply for cancellation shall be free from any unsettled contractual relationship and other rights and obligations arising out of or maintained on the basis of the existence of the account due to the cancellation of the account, and the company believes that the cancellation of the account will result in disputes over unsettled rights and obligations.

8.1.7 you agree that if the company is still in existence or needs to verify your relevant transactions or accounts when you apply for the cancellation of AnyBooks account, the company has the right to continue to freeze all or part of your AnyBooks account or account funds for further verification, and has the right to report fraud or illegal ACTS to the regulatory or judicial departments if necessary.

8.1.8 if the AnyBooks account you applied for logging out is successfully logged out, it will not be restored.

9. Liability for breach of contract

In case AnyBooks operator violates relevant laws, regulations or any terms hereunder and relevant losses caused to users, the liability for damages caused to users shall be borne by AnyBooks operator.

User agrees to protect and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the AnyBooks operator and its affiliates and other users. In case of any loss caused to the AnyBooks operator and its affiliates or any other third party due to user's violation of relevant laws and regulations or any provision hereunder, user agrees to assume the liability for damages caused thereby.

Such as AnyBooks operators find or receive a third party to report or complain about, users presence or suspected breach of article 1 of this agreement (tips), or article 4 (the rules), AnyBooks operators or its authorized subject has the right to immediately take all necessary measures to reduce or eliminate the impact of user behavior according to the reasonable judgment without any notification, and will notify the user after this processing as soon as possible. The loss and consequence (including but not limited to missed promotion opportunity, lost marketing revenue, etc.) caused thereby shall be borne by users independently.

Except as otherwise provided herein, if the AnyBooks operator finds or receives reports or complaints from a third party and the user exists or is suspected of violating the obligations, warranties, commitments or other terms set forth herein, the user shall correct and eliminate the impact within the period specified by the AnyBooks operator; In the event that the user fails to make corrections within the aforementioned time limit, the AnyBooks operator or its authorized subject shall have the right to take all necessary measures immediately to mitigate or eliminate the impact caused by the user's behavior in accordance with its reasonable judgment, and shall notify the user as soon as possible after the treatment.The loss and consequence (including but not limited to missed promotion opportunity, lost marketing revenue, etc.) caused thereby shall be borne by users independently.

"All necessary measures" referred to in 9.3 and 9.4 of this agreement include but are not limited to one or more of the following:

9.5.1 change, delete or block relevant content;

9.5.2 warning of account violation and account silence;

9.5.4 change, restrict or prohibit some or all functions of the offending account;

9.5.5 suspend, restrict or terminate the user's right to use the AnyBooks service and cancel the user account;

9.5.6 report to relevant regulatory authorities or state organs;

9.5.7 other measures considered reasonable by AnyBooks operator.

10. Modification of the agreement

AnyBooks operator has the right to modify any provision of this agreement at any time. In case of any change in the content of this agreement, AnyBooks operator will publish the modified content of this agreement on the AnyBooks platform, and AnyBooks operator may also choose to inform users of the modification through other appropriate means (such as system notification).

If the AnyBooks operator does not agree with the modification of the relevant terms of this agreement, the user has the right to stop using the AnyBooks service.If user continues to use the AnyBooks service, it shall be deemed that user accepts the modification made by AnyBooks operator to the relevant terms of this agreement.

11. Delivery of notices

All the notices of the AnyBooks operator under this agreement can be delivered by webpage announcement, E-mail, system notice, active contact of AnyBooks management account, In-App-message, mobile phone short message or regular letter transmission.Such notice shall be deemed to have been served on the addressee on the date of dispatch.

The user's notice to the AnyBooks operator shall be delivered through the contact information such as the official published mailing address, fax number and E-mail address of the AnyBooks operator.

12. Governing law

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the content or performance of this agreement, the parties shall try to settle it through friendly consultation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, the dispute shall be submitted to arbitration administered by the Hong Kong international arbitration center and finally settled in accordance with the rules of arbitration of the Hong Kong international arbitration center institutions in effect at the time of submission of the notice of arbitration.

13. Other provisions

If any provision of this agreement is wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain valid and binding.

13.2 if you do not comply with this provision and we do not take immediate action, it does not mean that we will waive any rights we may have (for example, to take action in the future).If one provision cannot be enforced, it will not affect the validity of the other provisions.

The headings in this agreement are for convenience only and shall be ignored in the interpretation of this agreement.