AnyBooks has been committed to the establishment of a fair, open and impartial platform.

As a neutral platform service provider, AnyBooks is willing to go forward hand in hand with honest, trustworthy and enterprising users to establish and maintain a benign, interactive, healthy and orderly platform order.

Before logging in, using and accepting the AnyBooks service, users must carefully read these terms and agree to this statement.

Any direct or indirect use of the AnyBooks service and data by users (including but not limited to: off-site pictures, text quotes, etc.) shall be deemed as an unconditional acceptance of all contents herein;If the user has any objection to any provision of this statement, please stop using all the services provided by AnyBooks.

1. Users shall abide by local laws, regulations, policies and operating rules of the platform or the platform set by a third party in the process of using AnyBooks service. Users shall bear the consequences arising from their use of AnyBooks service, and AnyBooks shall have the right to delete the content that violates the above commitments.

2. Any information posted by the user through the AnyBooks service and any views expressed through the AnyBooks service does not represent the position of AnyBooks and AnyBooks is not responsible for its integrity, authenticity, accuracy or reliability. Users shall make their own judgment on illegal, unethical, wrong or otherwise inappropriate information, and content that is wrongly classified or fraudulently posted that they may come into contact with on AnyBooks. In any case, any loss or injury caused by the aforesaid improper information shall be solely borne by the relevant subject.

3. AnyBooks only provides storage space for the content published by users, AnyBooks does not provide any form of guarantee for all content published or reprinted by users: no guarantee that the content meets your requirements, no guarantee that the service of AnyBooks will not be interrupted. If you cannot use AnyBooks normally due to any reason such as network condition, communication line, third party website or requirement of management department, AnyBooks will not bear any legal responsibility.

4. In view of the external link to the page content is not the actual control of AnyBooks operator, so AnyBooks operator can not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the external link set for the convenience of users. If the user finds that other users upload illegal infringement and other contents in the process of using AnyBooks service, the user can report to the AnyBooks operator according to the procedure of "infringement appeal guidelines", and relevant personnel will verify and deal with it as soon as possible.

5. AnyBooks operator will not assume any responsibility for the interruption of AnyBooks service or other defects caused by force majeure or causes beyond the control of AnyBooks operator, but will try its best to reduce the loss and influence caused to users.

6. User acknowledges and agrees that AnyBooks operators may cooperate with a third party to provide customers with products. In this case, the third party will provide the product upgrade, maintenance, customer service and other follow-up work. Any disputes or users’ losses caused by the quality problem of the product or some self reasons will be assumed by the third party. Users hereby shall agree to claim all relative rights and losses to the third party.

7. Except as otherwise stipulated, if the product or service provided by the AnyBooks operator is not marked with the term of use, or the term of use is "permanent", "indefinite" or "unlimited", the term of use shall be from the date when the user starts to use the product or service to the date when the product or service is offline at AnyBooks.

8. The right to interpret, modify and update the disclaimer belongs to AnyBooks.