How To Love Waking Up: A Hands-On Guide To Becoming A Morning Person

Alan Becker, Sam Uyama

How to become an early riser and actually like it. Do you wish waking up was easier? This book is for those that want to wake up earlier but have always found it a struggle. I’ll lay out the systematic, step-by-step approach on how I went from pulling myself out of bed to absolutely love being up early in the morning. Join the world’s most successful people Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group Napoleon, French Conqueror Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Dalai Lama, Religious Leader Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States These are just a few of the many, many successful people who point their accomplishments to them being early risers. They, among thousands of other early risers enjoy the proven benefits waking up early provides: • Better Productivity • More Creativity • More Optimism • Better Health Stop wasting time on advice that doesn’t help: What this book is not There are hundreds of blog posts on how to wake up earlier. Most repeat the same things, “Be positive” or “Get enough sleep”, which are inspiring and somewhat helpful, but only work until they don’t. NONE of them provide a guided system for how to actually enjoy waking up each morning. This is not a collection of things copied into a book in the hope that people would pay me for it. This is the exact system I created and used to transform myself into a confirmed morning person over the course of 3 months. What you get My promise for this book is that you walk away with a clear method for how to love being up early in the morning. So what you’ll get is: • A guide outlining how I learned to absolutely love waking up • Resources I found useful • Organization tools I created to help along the way Satisfaction Guaranteed I’m so sure this book can have an impact on your relationship with the alarm clock I will guarantee it. If after reading this guide you feel there is nothing valuable for you, then I will reimburse your purchase. Simply send me an email at sammyuyama@gmail.com Morning, how to wake up, morning routine, habits, how to be a morning person, productivity, how to
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