Just suppose there were a magic method of stopping smoking which enables any smoker, including you, to quit:

Let’s further suppose that:


If there were such a magical method, would you use it?

Chances are you would. But of course you don’t believe in magic. Neither do I. Nevertheless the method I describe above does exist. I call it EASYWAY. In fact it isn’t magic, it just seems that way. It certainly seemed that way to me when I first discovered it and I know that many of the millions of ex-smokers who have successfully quit with the help of EASYWAY also view it in that light.

No doubt you find my claims difficult to believe. Don’t worry; I would regard you as somewhat naive if you just accepted them without proof. On the other hand do not make the mistake of dismissing them out of hand because they sound far-fetched. In all probability you are only reading this book because of the recommendation of an ex-smoker who attended an Allen Carr’s EASYWAY seminar, read this book or stopped using another Allen Carr product. It doesn’t matter whether you received the recommendation directly or via someone who loves you and is desperately worried that unless you quit, you won’t be there to go on loving.

How does EASYWAY work? That is not easy to describe briefly. Smokers arrive at our seminars in differing states of panic, convinced that they won’t succeed and believing that even if by some miracle they do manage to quit, they will first have to endure a long period of abject misery, that social occasions will never quite be so enjoyable, that they will be less able to concentrate and cope with stress and that, although they may never smoke again, they will never be completely free and that for the rest of their lives they will have occasional yearnings to smoke a cigarette and will have to resist temptation.

The majority of those smokers leave the seminar a few hours later already happy non-smokers. How do we achieve that incredible transformation? Most smokers would expect us to achieve that objective by telling them of the terrible health risks they run, that smoking is a filthy, disgusting habit that costs them a fortune, and how stupid they are not to quit. No. We do not patronize them by telling them what they already know. These are the problems of being a smoker. They are not the problems of quitting. Smokers do not smoke for the reasons that they shouldn’t smoke. In order to quit it is necessary to remove the reasons they do smoke. EASYWAY addresses this problem. It removes the desire to smoke. Once the desire to smoke has been removed, it doesn’t take any willpower to quit.

The EASYWAY method exists in the form of seminars, books, DVDs, audiotapes, CD-ROMs, video games and webcasts. In each case the method is the same, they are merely different ways to communicate it. Which vehicle should you choose? It’s a question of personal choice. Some people prefer reading books, others prefer watching DVDs or online via webcasts. The seminars enjoy such a high success rate that we are able to give a money-back guarantee. The fee varies according to location and if you are one of the 20 per cent who requires more than one visit, you can attend any number of follow-ups without further charge. We never give up on any smoker. And if you fail to stop smoking once the program is completed, your fee will be refunded in full. Fewer than 5% of attendees at our US seminars ask for a refund.

Do not let any of the above detract from the value of this book. It is a complete course in itself and millions of readers have quit easily simply by reading it. If you are in doubt, why not telephone your nearest Allen Carr’s Easyway center for further guidance. A list of centers appears at the back of the book.